Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Life

New life abounds in the Father's Hands
He gives it to whom He chooses.
He plants the seeds in darkness
When it feels like He's nowhere around.
He carefully places the tiny seeds
In the places of my heart
Where He's broken the ground.

Tears of sorrow and heat of battle
Cause the seed to burst open and take root.
Only the Father knows how long it will be
Until the sprout springs forth
And new life begins to grow. And with it
Will come a feeling of exhileratiohn
That seems to come from nowhere.

The warmth of God's love waters
The heart, my praise and thanksgiving
Fertilize the tree as it grows strong
And begins to bear fruit.
And to my surprise, the sun now shines
in the dark places of my heart; the brokeness is now
a Garden of Peace bearing spiritual fruit.

by S.Hunt Copyright January 2010