Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sick With Strife

Word for the week: PEACE
Bible Verse: Romans 12:18 NKJV

If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.

Is your family sick with strife? How about your workplace?
Strife is a painful condition. If it persists it can become a chronic inflammation that can damage relationships. The longer the strife continues the greater the loss is.

Some people live years sick with strife; sometimes their whole life. If you answer "yes" to the majority of the questions that follow- you may be sick with strife.

1. Are you irritable all the time? Does it seem like no one can do anything right?
2. Is your stomach always tied in a knot?
3. Do you have frequent headaches? Backaches?
4. Are you depressed?
5. Does it seem like you are always fussing and fighting with family members? Co-workers?
6. Do you find yourself yelling at others, threatening retaliation, or giving the silent treatment?
7. Do things seldom go the way you expect them to?

Do these symptoms sound familiar? It's not uncommon for families or workplaces to suffer from the ravages of strife. It kills relationships, steals joy, and destroys self-esteem.

Although strife is a painful condition, it can be overcome by PEACE. Below you will find five powerful ingredients that when combined and applied daily will bring peace to your heart and those around you.

Pray for those around you. Ask God to help you be patient with them, and to help you extend grace to them when they fall short of meeting your expectations. This will develop a forgiving spirit.

Embrace those around you. Draw them near to you. Share your heart with them, and allow them to share their heart with you. This will develop a relationship built on trust.

Accept those around you just as they are. Everyone has different abilities, likes and dislikes, and levels of performance. No one likes to be rejected or made to feel like they're not good enough. Love and acceptance builds self-esteem.

Cherish those around you. God placed the people around you in your life to meet your needs and to help you grow spiritually. Look and see how God is using each one in your life. He also placed you in their lives too. How is God using you to touch their lives? This will develop a thankful spirit.

Encourage those around you. They have the same fears you have. Let them know you support them; that you see their effort and their accomplishments. It's important to let people know that you still love and support them even if they make mistakes. This will develop a sense of security that comforts the heart.

If you are suffering from strife, try the recipe for PEACE. Prayer is powerful. God the Father will help you if you ask. As you start the week with a new commitment to overcome the strife in your life, write down how you plan to apply these actions.

Who will you pray for?
How will you embrace this person?
What will you accept about this person?
What will you cherish about this person?
How will you encourage this person?

Dear Jesus please help me to begin today to overcome the strife in my life with Your PEACE.

copyright February 2007 - S.Hunt - All Rights Reserved

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