Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Do You Do When the Sheep Won't Follow?

Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love Me? “
And each time Peter answered, “Yes, Lord.”
Then Jesus commanded, “Feed My sheep.”
John 21:15-19

It occurred to me today that I understand in part the frustration Moses must have felt when he struck the rock instead of speaking to it like God told him to do. The constant pressure of leading people whether it is children, families, or employees can be exhausting.

As I look back at myself, I see the many times I have allowed myself to get so frustrated at other people that I reacted in a way that was disobedient to God. Here lately, I’ve found myself wanting to hide; run away; give up trying to do the job God has given me to do, which is to lead.
So I prayed, “What do you do when the sheep won’t follow?” And then it occurred to me, Jesus said “feed the sheep” not make them follow. It is His voice the sheep know, not mine. So, starting today, I shall “feed the sheep” God has placed in my care, and I will pray that God will lead them to do what’s right.
How to Feed the Sheep:

Forsake forcefulness
My Prayer:
Jesus, help me to remember to pray for each one of the sheep in my care, to feed them according to your instructions and leave the rest to you.
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Belightful said...

Thaat was great-- thanks for the insight!

S.Hunt said...

Thanks Belightful. It's so nice to hear from readers. I'm encouraged by your comment. Have a great day.
By the way, I like you screen name
"Belightful" :)