Sunday, March 11, 2007

Be My Compass Lord

Word for the Week: Trust
Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5 -6 NIV

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;
In all you ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Wherever the road leads, be my compass O Lord.
Show me the way to the place you have prepared for me.
You alone know the way -

Ready me for the journey.
Equip me with Your knowledge and understanding.
Fill me with Your words of peace.
Instruct me Lord, so that Your Will can be fulfilled in my life.
Nurture me along the way so that I may continue to grow into what You want me to be.
Enable me with Your strength and power to fearlessly go wherever You send me.

Mend me when I stumble and fall so that I may continue to walk the path You have set me on.
Embrace me with Your arms of love whenever the journey seems more than I can bear.

The Path
If only there were road signs
All along the way,
I could see much better
The path on which to stay.
Instead there are landmarks
Only eyes of faith can see,
Grace, Mercy, Love and Peace
Sent to set my spirit free.
Sometimes the path seems dim and lonely,
Sometimes the briars cut deep.
Sometimes the path is stony,
Sometimes it's narrow and steep.
Sometimes I feel like sitting down,
I'm tired of walking, you see.
But then I hear my Father say,
"Come go a little further with Me."
My feet are sore,
My heart is weary.
I can't walk another step
Down this path so dreary.
Then in the distance on the ground
The shadow of the Cross I see,
And I remember the cruel road
Jesus walked down for me.
The nails, the spear,
The thorns, the shame.
He didn't stop, He persevered
Without a word of blame.
"Stand up My child and take My hand,"
my Savior said to me.
"You must make it to the end of the path,
Where at last My bride you will be."
copyright S.Hunt 2007 All Rights Reserved


Saija said...

i absolutely love your poem! and for those of us who have been walking a path like this, it gives encouragement ... blessings on you!

S.Hunt said...

Hi Saija,

Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I'm glad you found encouragement in what you read.

Have a great day!

Carmie said...

Thank you my dear friend for sharing this with me. It means a lot to me and uplifted me.

S.Hunt said...

Hi Carmie,

I'm so glad to see you've stopped by to visit. I'm also glad your spirit was lifted up.

See ya soon!

L.L. Barkat said...

such a picture... it seems as if you have walked this path... thank you for sharing your heart.

S.Hunt said...

l.l. Barkat,
Thanks for visiting and commenting. There are many who walk this path, and yes I am one of them. I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

Have a great day!